We are putting together a team of champion traders that people can automatically copy from.

We notice good traders struggle to get followers to copy them mainly because they are not good in marketing or don’t have time to market themselves because they are busy trading or they don’t have a huge network or they are trying to compete with other strategy providers as a result they never make it big, while investors don’t know which traders to follow because there are so many strategy providers and copy trade service platforms and not sure with which broker to park their funds with.

Futures capital has bridged that gap of bringing together traders and investors face to face so that traders don’t need to look for followers and investors can build their own people based portfolio of top traders whom they now know to automatically copy from and earn profits.

We are looking for the best of the best traders to join us so that we can offer our clients a portfolio of top traders to automatically copy from and our traders a large pool of capital to trade with which they are always looking for and let them do what they are best at doing i.e trading for profits.

If you wish to come on board as one of our top traders email us at and we will get in touch with you.