Our Services

For entrepreneurs/High Net Worth Individuals/Companies who want to set up their own proprietary trading firm to manage their own portfolio we offer a complete solution right from identifying the right broker to staffing, trade execution, risk management, order routing , software installation, data services, accounting.

We will have our expert professional in-house traders training your team or if you want to hire our professional trader to grow your money we will designate specific trader with the expertise you desire to trade exclusively for your firm depending on your requirement. Our traders specialize in trading of CFD’s, Futures, Options, Stocks and Forex. We only get paid when we perform.


Benefit in hiring our Professional Trader.

  • Enjoy 2 – 10% of monthly profits.
  • Funds secured in your own account.
  • Highly liquid investment.
  • No lock-in period.
  • Daily trading statements.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • You hire professional with audited track records.


What do you need to do?

  • Open trading account in your name.
  • Fund your account.
  • Click here to get started.